72 Hour Bug-out Challenge
Challenges are like goals, the best ones are the ones you set and achieve for yourself.

The 72 Hour Bug-out Challenge is all about you and your desire to not only Survive, but to Thrive.

The Challenge is set up how, and when you choose, use one of the Scenarios we have created, or something from your own concerns.

Calamity may strike in any form and at any time, so use this challenge for training and preparation.

This is not a Camping or Hunting trip, Make it, and Treat it, as if it is a Real Bug-out.

You can go it alone or with others, just let the Others involved know that the only plan is that it will happen on this weekend or that weekend, and all you can grab is your Bug-out bag and a few item, depending on your scenario. 

If you have always wanted to be on "Alone" or "Naked and Afraid", here's your chance, without waiting for the approval of some Corporate Boardroom.

Sounds Awesome, How Do I Do It?

  • Step one
  • step two
  • Step three
  • Step four

It's Up To You, you can chalk it up to a great learning experience and move on.

Do it again for more training and learning challenges.

Or, Fill out our  Submittal Form and we will get in touch with you.

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“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

This is your Opportunity​

FAQ's for the 72 Hour Bug-out Challenge

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Who Owns My Footage?

Are There Any Cautions I Need To Be Aware Of?

Do You Have Some Advice You Wish To Impart?

Are There Rules and Terms?

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